Community Engagement

As a law enforcement professional for over three decades, Joe understands the importance of fostering positive relationships between our Sheriff’s department and the residents it serves. Lowering crime rates and keeping our streets safe requires law enforcement working with the public to promote safer communities. Doing so requires trust in the police. Joe pledges to work tirelessly to build trust and collaboration between the Sheriff’s department and the community.

By promoting transparency within law enforcement agencies through regular communication and engagement with the public, as well as by increasing police presence across our county, the Sheriff’s department can enhance engagement with the community and further build trust between the law enforcement and the public.

As Miami-Dade County Sheriff, Joe will make collaboration between the Sheriff’s office and the people the department serves a priority. More policing equals more chances for community interaction. This will help us increase law and order across all communities in Miami-Dade County. By working together, we can create safer neighborhoods, reduce crime, and ensure a brighter future for all residents.